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Oh No…not another 4 part series..Franklin Ave..

A few seconds ago as I feverishly typed the title of this blog entry ..I said to myself really Taye?  Another series?  Didn’t you just do one of those?  Where is the creativity WOMAN!   Thus I had to step away from my computer and make something to eat.  
Nothing crazy..just French Toast, Eggs, Mint Tea (with a hefty amount of agave), a spoon of liquid multi vitamins and a bite of the chocolate left over from yesterday.  Hey its Thursday the 27th..Sex and the City comes out today and I will need all my energy for the 5pm tickets that I bought three weeks ago 🙂  Go ahead call me a dork!
Anyhow..breakfast has now been consumed and I am thinking clearly.  Phew…  Okay…Another series?  Hells yes!!
Lets talk Franklin Ave… Now for those of you who either live way out or do not currently reside in Los Angeles there is a little block on Franklin Ave. between Tamarind Ave. and Bronson in the heart of Hollywood.  I love this block!  I want to hug this block!  I could eat this block!! 
It’s a combo of food, a coffee shop, clothes, book stores and a little theater.  Everything you need for a full days entertainment.. well at least a half a day!
Moving on..
I’m going to start this series with little boutique called Native.  Super cute threads, amazing jewelry, awesome staff and hello!!!… they serve wine!!  That’s right..have a glass of Pinot Grigio, while you admire yourself in the amazing dress you are about to make yours!  I tell you ..trying on clothes while slightly buzzed makes you feel and look like a super model no matter what. 😀  
Oh and did I mention the %50 off sale they are currently having on half the store.. 
Now being a pretty new blogger I have not yet mastered the art of blogging about a place and not pulling out my wallet to make a purchase.  I figure that type of discipline only comes with a spiritual adviser and hours of chanting and mediation to reach my inner self.. Thus I did walk away with an item or two…Oh Well!!

all I can say is Native.. I “LIKE”

Taye 😉
5915 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca  90028

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