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   White Satin

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 For as long as I can remember my very stylish Grandma and I have designated Friday as our nail day.  We both always head to the nail shop armed with our own polish.   Thus allowing us to perform emergency touch ups during the week. I don’t have acrylics so my polish consistently chips within two or three days.  Ugg!!
Anyhow,  I sat this past Friday getting my nails poked and prodded.  I loathe getting my nails done by the way, but I loathe un-manicured hands more, therefore I endure the torture.  At the appropriate time, right after she pours alcohol over my super clean nails and right before she asks for payment, the lovely woman who has carried out this act of torture (a.k.a. the manicure), asks me “what color?”
As I pulled out my pretty pink Chanel Polish (517 Mistral) she said one word “EXPENSIVE”. (Frown)
Yes… I know that Chanel Polish is a bit over priced.  A bit!  It’s just that I’ve been loyal to Chanel  since I was a teen..and when I started buying the stuff it was  like $15 bucks.  Now its in the ball park of $23-$25.  Why should my nails suffer because inflation has trickled all the way down to nail polish?
Never the less for some odd reason her little judgment on my polish of choice struck a nerve!
Thus I began my mission.
My three favorite colors from Chanel vs similar colors at a prettier price.   Which leads to the Chanel vs American Apparel nail challenge.
*note  I chose American Apparel because they rock!
Chanel     vs   American Apparel  
$23.00            $6.00
Chanel           vs     American Apparel
Inattendu                 Palm Springs
Jade                      Office
White Satin               Cotton
Of course the colors are not an exact match.  However they are close.  As far as the quality,  American Apparel polish is a little harder to apply.  It’s a bit streaky at first, but once you get in a rhythm, it’s  golden.  The price difference is drastic. American Apparel even offers a buy three for $15 dollars deal.  That’s still cheaper than one bottle of Chanel.
What I will say about Chanel polish, being that I have used it for years is that it lasts!  I have bottles of Chanel polish in my cabinet from at least 10 years ago and they are still going strong.  As long as you keep the bottle inside the little black box in between uses it stays the same as the day you bought it.  That alone might be worth the $23 bucks.  ( I can’t say if American Apparel will keep this long as it is a very new product of theirs)
With all that said.  I still love my Chanel and will continue to contribute to empire that certainly does not need my help :).  However I have also found another love. American Apparel is definitely a great cheaper alternative.  They have an army of amazing colors and as far as the chipping goes, it lasts a good few days.  Plus with the money you save you can by an entire American Apparel outfit to go with your freshly manicured nails.  Not a bad deal if I do say so.
Chanel vs. American Apparel  I “LIKE” them both!
Taye 😉

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