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Little Tokyo… and the next four Blogs..

Let me start this post with a total random that has absolutely nothing to do with the Little Tokyo series that you will see for the next four blog posts…
OMG!!  I had the pleasure meeting Rachel Zoe today and what a great experience it was.   Now I can’t divulge the reason that I was shooting an interview of her today (in her beautiful condo..which happens to be the set of her show The Rachel Zoe Project)..but I will say that she was so freaking nice, funny and down to earth.  Not to mention beautiful and stylish, which need not be said because we all already know that!!
Okay now it’s off my chest (phew) ..lets begin our exploration of the stuff I like about Little Tokyo, Downtown L.A.
For about 20 seconds I thought about mashing everything into one post.. and then I came to my senses.
Thus these next four posts will be dedicated to this cuter than cute little area of Downtown Los Angeles.
So…this morning with no shoots or auditions scheduled for the early portion of my day, I decided to meet up with Courtney K (mentioned in a previous post) since he works and lives Downtown and is about the only person I know in LA willing to walk and explore.
Being that we have not seen each other in about two weeks we first hugged, air kissed each cheek(mwah mwah) and told each other how super cute we looked 🙂 …and then promptly gagged at the fact that we were both wearing practically identical denim jackets.  After all that was out of the way we ventured to the corner of S. Central Ave. and East 2nd Street to began our mini journey.   
This first post is dedicated to a not so little boutique called Kimski Makes.  Super cute, super cheap and uhh did I say Super cute!!
Part vintage.  Part new.  Part local designers.
Not to mention there is an actual Vespa complete with toy dinosaur and helmet to greet you when you walk in the door.  Not for sale.   I don’t think :/.   I think the photo’s say it all..well at least say most of it..
I do have to confess I walked away with an adorable black lace top.. (seen in one of the above photo’s) and I won’t even begin on the shopping that Courtney partook in..lets just say he will look really cute in an upcoming outfit. 🙂

KIMSKI makes…. I “LIKE”
Taye 😉

Kimski makes
Downtown Little Tokyo
369 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90012

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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