By Taye


lets talk chocolate…

Lets talk chocolate…John Kelly Chocolates to be exact.
I was first introduced to John Kelly chocolates about a year ago at Neiman Marcus (Christmas time when they give copious amounts of chocolate samples out on the first floor..right next to shoes of course!!  I took my first sample, politely said thank you and proceeded to WINDOW SHOP.  Uggg! Anyhow,  by the time I came back around for my 5th or so sample of this incredibly rich peanut butter chocolate combo I said “what is this, and why, and what is this!”   I’ve been hooked ever since.
Cut to three weeks ago as I was sitting inside my car outside of Cheebo debating whether I should partake in a bowl of soup or be a responsible adult and cook the food in my fridge, I noticed a sign that said John Kelly Chocolates OPEN!!  
After wiping my eyes to make sure I was not hallucinating I ditched my soup dilemma (obviously) and trotted on next door to what I can only describe as a  piece of heaven disguised in a small store front.  Not only was my peanut butter bar there..but a case full of salty chocolate/caramel amazingness. 
So I without hesitation bought 5 pieces. Of course to share with others …umm yeah right!
Now what makes this place even more special is that the owners and the staff are always there and are ALWAYS super nice.  
…AND they make the chocolate treats right there.  Like on the premises!  You walk in door, look to the right and there they are..making the delectables you are going to eat..Can you say fresh!!!

AND AND..They won the 2009 “sofi” Gold Award for outstanding chocolate.  Hello that’s like the Oscars of chocolate!!
oh and if you are at all a skeptic, they have a plate full of samples everyday!

Local, fresh, hand made and a “chocolate Oscar” winner…I “LIKE”

Taye 😉

John Kelly Chocolates
1506 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90046
toll free: 800.609.4243

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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