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a hairy situation..

About a year ago I bought my Grandma the Ojon Hydrating Ritual Kit for her birthday.  It’s sort of a tester kit.  Big sample sizes of there products so you can test them out before you drop the big bucks on the big bottles.  Like me she is always trying new products for her hair, skin, nails etc. so I thought to myself “what a great gift”
Well cut to a year later..I was paying Grandma a visit, just happen to be on a night when she was making her famous pan fried turkey taco’s, pure coincidence..  And I happened upon the Ojon Hydrating Ritual Kit.  Un-opened, untouched, way in the depths of her bathroom cabinet. So naturally I nabbed it.  I had always wanted to try it too.  Oh come on!! …one year rule right?  (I told her of course)
Thus began my love affair with Ojon.
I have very fine yet copious amounts of curly fuzzy rough.. lets just say textured hair that is a two hour process to straighten. Not to mention that years of dying, flat ironing and just plain abuse have left me with mane that day to day has a mind of it’s own.
After a session with Ojon..My hair was super bouncy and full of shine and it smelled like heaven!  Sort of a cross between a bohemian musk and some type of sweet treat!  I actually thought about eating a strand or two!!

Ojon Hair .. a tad expensive..but  I “LIKE”

Taye 😉

Ojon Hair

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