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Filling The Void..

I was feeling a little void yesterday.  I needed something but couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Generally when I am feeling like this..a little walk outside does the trick,  but yesterday was different.  So instead of a walk, I took a drive…right to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore.  
I’ve been frequenting the Bodhi Tree since I was in the womb.. literally.  My mother has been a regular at The Bodhi Tree since it’s opening in 1970.   That’s right!  This little treasure has been open and in the same location since the glorious times of the 1970’s.   A time of love and peace and really short shorts.  
Stories are that her and my dad would go there after school (Hamilton High for those of you from LA) and read up on being more spiritual, doing each others charts and telling each others fortunes. Thus it is naturally in my blood to pay regular visits.  Mostly to the Astrology section, where I sit for hours and inhale information about my Gemini/Cancer self.  Astrology is definitely not the only ruby in this treasure chest.  They have entire sections on UFO’s (yes you read that right), Western teachings, Eastern teachings, Chinese medicine, Macrobiotic Cooking, Tarot cards and Homeopathy just to name a few.   They also have tons of cool gifts, incense, candles, stones and jewelry.  Even little Jesus and Buddha key chains (awesome!)  
Yet there are two things I absolutely love about this place…
1. Walking in you automatically feel like you have hopped in a time machine back to the 1970’s.  It’s comforting and peaceful.
2.  The sweet smell of FREE hot tea.  When I was a little one,  before reading was something my brain could handle, my mom would give me tea in that cute little paper cup and sit me next to her in what ever section we would be visiting that week.
wait did I say two.. opps..
3. The awesome people that work there!!!!! Hello!!!
Needless to say my drive to The Bodhi Tree for a little reading escape turned out to be a photo escape. After a lovely chat with the man behind the counter about business being down and possible doors shutting I decided to blog about a place that has been in my life since before I new my life existed. All in the hopes that those of you that have never had the opportunity to step inside this wonderful place will go and in the hopes that those of you who have not been in a long will go back.
So with all this, I say support your local bookstores.  We all love the convenience if the giant Barnes and Noble, Boarders and such.  But local mom and pop businesses are special and if we do not support them they will not be here for our children to enjoy.  
and yes my void was filled..beautifully!
Bodhi Tree Bookstore!!  I super “LIKE”
Taye ūüėČ
Bodhi Tree Bookstore
8585 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, Ca 90069
800.825-9798 (except from 213,310,323,818)
Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ¬©2010

One response to “Filling The Void..”

  1. AssertiveWit says:

    those pictures reminded me of Berkeley…I miss Cali ūüôĀ
    there was also a similar place like that in Little 5 Points (Atlanta) but I didn't see it the other day when I drove by…don't think it's there anymore…

    nice pictures though!

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