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So my day started off rather routine.  Wake up, brush teeth, wash face, shower, drink water, take vitamins, yada yada yada…Then by a twist of fate,  I was lured downtown by the prospect of cheap tailoring.  Five pieces taken in beautifully, $10 each..while you wait…but that’s a whole different blog post.  Back to discussion at hand…
Now if you are anything like me and I suspect a good number of you are.  You get completely turned around while in the trenches of Downtown LA.  
You can only guess what I will say next..YES I was completely lost!!!  
However,  in my utter confusion (so close to pressing the SOS button in my car) I stumbled upon the Southern California Flower Mart.  A place that I honestly thought only existed in the minds of those people who write cute little romantic comedies about the gorgeous girl next door who can’t find love, but owns a flowers shop. 
This was really it.  Far away from from movie land.  A huge warehouse filled with endless supplies of, plants, wax to shine your plants ..umm yes that stuff exists..and yes I bought some :). 
Being that I’ve never actually been a plant owner this was sort of kismet.  I’m the girl who grimaces at the thought of spending $100 bucks on a great big plant for my little Hollywood apartment.   I mean shouldn’t I be putting that towards the cute wedged sandals that I scoped out at Barneys last week? 

Ahh at last, the dilemma hath been solved!

That big beautiful green plant that would have depleted $100 bucks from my shoe fund..a mere $35 at the Flower Mart..
And it doesn’t stop there.  They have so many cute little green ones ranging from $1.50-$5 dollars.  You could fill up your entire window seal for the price of a latte at Urth Cafe.  Who knew??
Warning: get there early..I nabbed my plant by the skin of my teeth as they were closing the doors at 1pm
Suffice to say that I am now a proud plant owner.  “LIKE”
Taye 😉

Southern California Flower Mart
752 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca  90014

Photo’s: Taye Hansberry Photography ©2010

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