By Taye


FOOD POST ..For the love of Mexican El Carmen..

Cilantro Ginger and El Perfecto Margarita

Los Angeles is known to be the city of trends.  Clubs, restaurants and boutiques that are all the rage one minute and literally gone the next.  So when I by chance met one of the owners of EL CARMEN.. (at the dog park of all places) I had to
grab my girls Grasie Mercedes and Amelia Alveraz and head over for margaritas , taco’s and and some pretty amazing L.A. Atmosphere.  El Carmen is…

a. Probably my favorite Mexican joint in L.A.
b. An L.A. staple

With almost 20 years under their belt and no end in’s easy to understand why us Angelinos keep going back for more!
Simple tasty Mexican food and drinks that won’t break the bank!

Now for those of you who have never been to El Carmen.. GET YOUR LITTLE BUTTS OVER THERE.. In the meantime.. Check out what we ate..

Tequila Shrimp
Pescado Tacos
Beans and Rice
Carne Asada Taco

Now for some basic El Carmen facts..

El Carmen offers 12 specialty cocktails at $10 bucks each.
10 pages of Tequila, most ranging from the $7-$16 dollar range.
A Happy Hour Menu (Monday-Friday 5-7pm) that offers a classic Margarita at $5 bucks.  Ceviche at $4.  Nachos at $5.  Guacamole at $2 and a combo plate with your choice of 2 tapas or two taco’s and rice & beans at $6.

Oh and did I mention they are open from 5pm-2am everyday! 

You can’t really go wrong.

Everything was super yum and we had a blast.  Thanks so much to the folks over at El Carmen for putting up with us..  

El Carmen.. I “Like”

Taye ­čśë

El Carmen
8138 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

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