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Fashion Friday ✩ Old Old Old…& some New

Today’s Look
Tank: Courtesy of  Florette Paquerette
Snake denim: Anat B.
Denim Jacket: The Gap 1969
Coat: H&M
Heels: Zara
Bag: Forever 21
Initial Necklace: Gilt Groupe
Buckle watch: Gucci
Bracelet: Marc by Marc
If there is one thing fashion wise that I pride myself on is my ability to dig deep in the depths of my closet and mix the old with the new.  
Case in point..
The Tank.. NEW
I just need to say a few words about it because it’s freaking awesome.  Just slouchy enough.. just soft enough.. and simply understated..  Get one here.
Okay back to the post…
Snake print denim..NEW

Zara Heels…NEW

Denim Jacket …OLD
H&M Coat…OLD
Bracelet, watch, ring..OLD
Bag….  Are you getting the point??
Anyhow.. I got a couple inquires about my nails in last weeks FASHION FRIDAY.. So here is a little explanation of this weeks.  Very simple DYI.. I’ve been pretty obsessed with nude, taupe and buff colored nails lately.  But they can get a bit boring so I find simple embellishments like glittery polish to spice it up..
This week it’s two coats of Butter  London Yummy Mummy.. wait to dry (I’ve made that mistake before).  Then paint diagonals of Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment 3/4th’s from the corner of each nail (make sure to do the opposite corners on each hand).  Finish with a top coat..and DONE!

I’ve also been completely obsessed with big hair lately..  This is my attempt at it..  my hair is pretty three short clip-ins later and voila!  I know what you are thinking…It was really big when I left the house..I swear.. 

Clip-in NOTE:  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that your clip-ins match the texture of your own hair.  If you have to straighten your own clip-ins that you have to straighten.. no one can ever tell when I do or don’t have my clip ins in because I am a a stickler about texture when I by them.

Have a fantastically exuberant weekend everyone..
Old..Old..Old.. and Some New… I “Like”

Taye 😉

13 responses to “Fashion Friday ✩ Old Old Old…& some New”

  1. B Free Style says:

    Very Cute outfit. Love the pictures as well. LMAO @ the clip ins… Great Post


  2. major says:

    I promise this will be my last comment for a while(I feel like a stalker } -___- But I love this outfit.. I haven't found the perfect snake pants but you are rocking it. I totally love the whole ensemble 🙂


  3. Thanks so much both of you.. lol Yes I never have a problem talking about y clip-ins.. They are the best! And you are not a stalker young lady.. leave all the comments you want!

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